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Mussels with “Oriental Sauce”

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I love mussels.  I don’t remember exactly when they went from being a shell I picked up on the beach as a child to something that was good to eat for dinner, but like most shellfish it was an acquired taste in my teens.  As most children do, I went through a “picky eater” phase in which all foodstuffs that were not plain pasta with butter, hot dogs, or cereal were definitely off my plate.  I distinctly remember hatching a plan to numb my tastebuds with ice cubes (something I had read in an Encyclopedia Brown book…anyone remember those?) before eating my Grandmother’s meatloaf one night because I would not be allowed to leave the table until it was gone.  In retrospect I think that I may have insulted my Grandmother’s cooking, but at the time it seemed like a clever plan.  In any event, that “picky eater” phase passed.  Seafood and meatloaf were back on the menu.

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Written by Drew

March 7th, 2010 at 11:06 am

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