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I started this blog to document and share my cooking, eating, drinking, and general culinary experiences with my friends, family, and the internets in general.  I’ve been cooking now (non-professionally) for about 15 years, and have waited far too long to get a blog about it up and running.  So, I hope that you enjoy reading about my culinary exploits, and I hope that you might try cooking some of the dishes that I put up here.  This will by no means be a “learn-how-to-cook” blog, but I will do my best to share the process as well as the end product, and hope that you find what I’ve written here to be interesting and informative.

I am a frequent contributor to Food52, and two of my recipes will be published in their upcoming cookbook.

A bit about the blog title:  my friends, a few years ago, decided to nickname me “Le Chef”.  This is in part because my last name sounds French (Lambert), which it is not (it’s English, and we hate the French, or at least they hate us).  It is also for the most part because I like to cook a lot, and I wind up cooking up elaborate feasts for pretty much no reason, and generally make a large mess in doing so.  I have been known to cook and eat wild mushrooms after a quick internet consultation to determine (probable) toxicology, and to cut open and consume raw sea urchin off the rocks on a remote Brazillian beach.  Some people call this “risky behavior”.  I consider it haute cuisine.

So, join me for what will hopefully be an interesting exploration of the world of food, in and around New York City, and beyond!

My London Broil Meat Helmet, October 2008

A note about the meat helmet, since I get questions on it all the time.  It’s hand-stitched london broil, which I had the butcher cut into 1/4 inch thick pieces.  The “flower” on the side is an oxtail bone.  For those of you who have asked, it DID go on the grill at the end of the night, but no one was eating it after it had been out in the sun and on my head all day.  Probably for the best.


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January 17th, 2010 at 11:37 am

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  1. Fantastic meat helmet!


    25 Jan 10 at 1:20 pm

  2. the meat helmet never fails to simultaneously shock and entice me …long live the meat helmet!


    23 Feb 10 at 12:26 am

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