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The Cosby Pizza

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A new discovery of mine is that the “centric” channel on my cable network runs The Cosby Show for 10 hours a day on the weekends, along with additional reruns on weekdays, right around the time when I am cooking.  If you used to watch The Cosby Show, and haven’t in a while…you should really check it out again.  It’s fantastic, and even better as an “adult” instead of a “child”.  Lots of good lessons and references I certainly didn’t appreciate when I was 8.

A recent episode featured Dr. Huxtable hiding in his office with a special pizza that he was attempting to keep to himself, given that his family upstairs would have eaten the entire thing if they had found it before him.  All the man wants to do is read his paper and eat his pizza in peace.  He’s a doctor, and the provider for the family…is that too much to ask?

Dr. Huxtable knew that this would be the fate of his pizza if he didn't take evasive action.

The pizza is as follows:  black olives, sausage, anchovies.  As soon as I heard that, I wanted to try the pizza.  So, tonight, after trivia at Tigin Pub, we decided to have Colony Pizza of Stamford make us a Cosby Pizza.

It was as delicious as it sounds.  Anchovies aren’t for everyone, but don’t knock them until you try them!

I will be having the “Cosby Pizza” again.  My goal is to get Colony to learn the ingredients to the “Cosby Pizza” so that eventually I won’t have to tell them what to put on it.

The only addition, which is required on all pizzas, is crushed red pepper.


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March 2nd, 2011 at 12:11 am

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